Neil Quinlan

Before I first saw @FarmersOfTheUK, I stumbled across @IrelandsFarmers, a very similar concept and I thought what a great idea. Shame we don't have one for ourselves in the UK. 

It would seem that Simon Haley had already thought of this and sure enough the first week of FOTUK was kicked off by Welsh sheep farmer Gareth Wyn Jones. I watched this account with great enthusiasm. If there's one thing farmers are good at its looking over the hedge to see what the neighbours are up to! Only this time it's a virtual hedge in a social media world. 

I'd like a go at that I thought and a date to tweet was set with Simon. It exceeded my expectations. The interactions of people who knew little about where their food came from or how it was produced but were genuinely interested was fantastic. 

It was a pleasure to answer their questions and feel I was playing a part in lifting the profile of agriculture. Something we all as farmers ought to be doing. Sitting in our tractors or working with our animals moaning about "townies" doesn't do our industry justice. We need to show what a modern, forward thinking, high tech industry agriculture is. The days of the yokel holding a pitch fork, chewing straw are gone!