James Rhys Baylis

There's a real disconnect between the general public and farming, with far too many folk having little idea or interest in where their food comes from. 

Whether it's through lack of education or the fact that they have never encountered farm animals in the flesh, it's a terrifying thought that there are adults and children out there that couldn't tell you anything about the food (in some cases even the species of animal that produced it) they regularly pick up from the supermarket shelves. 

I'm a firm believer that we farmers have the power to change this, by giving the general public an insight in to our lives and the hard work that goes in to getting their food to the supermarket shelves. Simon and all the farmers that have already taken over the Farmers of the UK account have done exactly that, giving an invaluable insight in to their day to day lives. 

Since embarking on my own farming journey as a new entrant around 3 years ago, I've tried to share my journey and give an insight in to my life through blogs, writing and social media, so when the opportunity to take the reins of the FOTUK account came up, it was far too good to turn down. 

Being able to interact with such a massive audience, asking and answering questions and picking the brains of fellow farmers was great fun and it was a real pleasure to see the account pass the 19,000 follower mark during my stay. 

If you get the chance to take over the account, jump at it! It's a wonderful opportunity. 

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