Will Evans

You're tweeting your usual nonsense on Twitter, & suddenly out of the blue BAM! You get a DM (direct message) from some fella (@halo42) asking you to have a go at @FarmersOfTheUK for a week. My first thoughts: Who me? There must be some mistake. No way can I do that. Some really big hitters have done it, people with 1000s of followers! The likes of @1GarethWynJones @AmandaOwen8 & @herdyshepherd1. These people have written books for Christ's sake. I'm just a simple farming lad from the Welsh borders. What can I possibly add to this? But then it occurred to me. We're all a bit guilty of this in our industry. We do ourselves down all the time. Maybe it's a consequence of being paid so little for our produce for so long, perhaps we all get a bit of tunnel vision with working so hard to pay the ever increasing daily bills. Or maybe we're all a bit worn down by what feels like constant criticism by the media & 'environmentalists' with their own agenda.

I was in a conversation recently with two guys. One was a surgeon, the other designs architectural computer programmes. Really nice & interesting people. I asked them about their jobs, & felt a bit inadequate if I'm honest. I mean, one of them saves lives & the other is helping to build the modern World. But then they asked me about my job. They hadn't got a clue. They had no concept of livestock, crops, soil types, impacts of Weather, and how it all fits together. And why should they? I know nothing about their jobs either. But they were interested, really interested. They asked all sorts of questions, and at the end of the conversation, I didn't feel inadequate anymore. In fact, I felt pretty cool. Not many people could do our job. We've built up skills & knowledge over generations in this industry. We're tough & resilient people & we feed the World. It's something to be proud of, and shout about in my opinion. So if you're lucky enough to be asked to do @FarmersOfTheUK please don't hesitate like I did. Put yourself out of your comfort zone & do it! Tell us all about your farm, how you got there & why you wouldn't be anywhere else in the World. If those of us who enjoy telling people about how we live & what we do don't talk about it, then others with an anti-farming agenda will. And you never know, you might just enjoy it too. I certainly did.