Old Holly Farm

Twitter: @OldHollyFarm

Who we are...

Old Holly Farm, Garstang, Preston, Lancashire. We are an organic, family run dairy farm. We also have a small visitor farm attraction on site with a café, indoor playbarn, farm shop, open farm and educational facility. 

FOTUK host...

Back in 2014 when the FOTUK account was launched, we were invited to host the account for a week, being number 4 on the now long list. With a bit of trepidation we accepted, not really knowing how the week would pan out, what questions we might get, and actually whether anyone would even read or be interested in our tweets. With the farm and visitor attraction to run and a young baby to contend with, we sat down and drew up a rough plan of what we would tweet about each day – hopefully making the week a bit easier to manage but also to make sure we didn’t run out of things to say by the 3rd day. Plus with a mix of farming and non-farming followers it also made hosting the account good fun but also challenging as there was a variety of questions coming our way from very different levels of understanding. 

Why did we do it & what we learnt... 

Having an open farm visitor attraction, whilst still being a working dairy farm, we’re keen for the public to have an insight into where their food comes from – hopefully in a positive and fun way. The FOTUK is proving to be another accessible way for the wider audience to gain access to a variety of farmers and what they do on a day to day basis. The response we received during our week was largely positive, with an odd challenge on what we do, but not everyone is going to like what you do all of the time. For us it was about taking their opinion on board and just moving on. 

The account has also introduced us to other farmers across the UK and indeed world that we would never come across in normal life. We certainly picked up followers on our own account, but also found new people to follow – it’s always nice to know you’re not alone. 

Since our stint we have continued to follow the account and it’s been interesting to see what other farmers do, their approach to hosting and even learnt a few things. In fact we’ve adopted the trick of having a different coloured toolbox with matching tools for each tractor. 

Hope you enjoyed our week, keep following the account. 

Ian & Alison Pye