Gareth Wyn Jones

Twitter: @1GarethWynJones

Gareth Wyn Jones

It is important for farmers to be on social media and I was very proud to be the first farmer to be on “Farmers of the U.k”. tweeting account. 

My family has lived and farmed on the Carneddau Mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales for over 350 years and I am a big believer in local produce. 

Every opportunity I get, I try to promote our produce to people all over the world, and I firmly believe that social media is a superb tool to do this. 

As the world is full of multinational companies only interested in profit, it’s time for a Farm Food Revolution and for us as an industry to bridge the gap between town and country and the producer and consumer. 

Twitter is a great way to reconnect many people that have lost contact in how food is produced. I often have people contacting me to say that they love watching my daily tweets and videos. 

People really like to know how their food is produced and where their food comes from. They really like to follow farming life. 

This is a quote from a letter in the Daily Post 15.2.16. to prove this. “Spreading The Word for Famers. On following Gareth Wyn Jones on TV and social media, I just thought it was time to applaud and acknowledge the work Gareth puts into bringing local farms and businesses to the public view. It is good people understand the working of rural farms and industry. His journey from famer to .T.V. Person is worth a huge round of applause and I’m sure there is more to come. His following on social media (twitter/Facebook) is great seeing myself everyday what Gareth has to endure. Working through all weathers and seeing the highs and lows of the farming calendar in North Wales”. J.Talbot.